Friday, January 10, 2014

Street Patrol


It wasn't tap long ago that Speros was chastising "The Indy Colts" for doing a "photo shoot" in Michigan and not in the state of Indiana. He literally ripped them a "new one" in our local newspaper. For the record, Speros Batistatos is m guy, and these photos will attest to that. Got lotta love for him and respect. But I have a "baby beef" with him. Here he berates "Indy Colts" for moving a photo shoot to Michigan, instead of Indiana. But then he decides to move the 4th of July Air Show from Miller in Gary, Indian to Fair Oaks Farm in 2014. Look who's "calling the kettle black.


Gary's "money is funny", and they having difficulty "paying the tab" on the 4th of July Air Show anyway, you feel me? But the bottom line is Speros needs to "hit a home run", and this move to Fair Oaks Farm will be just that!!!