Thursday, February 27, 2014

If fin to heat up in Gary

 Street Patrol
"It's "fin" to heat up in Gary"
Minding my own business like Street do, somebody "flew me a kite". The power of the "internet" is amazing. So think you internet. These photos show 2 employees of Calumet Township Trustee Office dropping off stuff at Mary Elgin's campaign Headquarters. "On the clock" on a Tuesday about 11:30AM. Plus the other photo that shows her son, Steven Hunter, a township worker on the clock Friday about 1:30PM?
WLTH 1370
Let Wowacki, "white dude" from Miller talk about photos on blog.
New Photos:

Photo A
Source alleges that guy walking away carrying stuff is Ed Harris, head of maintenance at "Township Trustee" who works for Mary Elgin Tuesday 11:30Am, you feel me?

Photo B
Campaign Headquarters Re-elect Mary Elgin as Calumet Township Trustee. That's where Ed Harris is heading for. 

Photo C

Steven Hunter wearing "work gloves" last Friday at 1:30PM at Mary Elgin Campaign Headquarters. He too was on the clock".

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Memo to Doug Ross

Street Patrol
"Memo to Doug Ross (The Times)
Read in your column how Mary Elgin claims that she parked four Ford Taurus 2004, take home vehicles. This is after being criticized for a bloated payroll July 2013 at Calumet Trustee's office. This SUV was spotted Friday about 1PM at Mary Elgin's Campaign Headquarters. Her son Steven Hunter who earns $51, 000 dollars working for Calumet Trustee's Office is the Gentleman in the photographer. It seems like Mary Elgin doing what George Van Til did.
Snoring in the background is The Times and Post Tribune "canines:!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Biggest Gangster

Street Patrol

"Biggest Gangster"

    You read that stuff about "Richie"  in the newspaper (Imperial Gangster), and you just watch "Black Sal", "Macho", "Sern and Ace Cortez. They already "toasted bread" on "Choo-Choo" and "Cos". Newspapers had a field day with stories on indictments and Javier Solis! And now we read about "Coop", you feel me?  Mayor Pabey "co-signed for Richie Reyes to get that job at East Chicago Marina!!!
      After all that "woo-woo-woo", the biggest gangsters was former Mayor George Pabey of East Chicago. Here you have Sgt Pabey who shot and murdered Gilbert in 1985 )Halloween night). Sgt Pabey got the call on the radio.

Despite that "jacket"

George Pabey went on to become the following:

1. Chief of East Chicago Police Department
2. East Chicago City Councilman
3. Chief of Security at Casino
4. Mayor of East Chicago

Street Continues

     Bet you one "thang". Pabey is in  federal prison, wiping his brow and sighing a sigh of relief . (Whew) Pabey knows he "skated" on that Gilbert Bonilla Homicide. And George knows Richie Reyes knows that he shot and killed Gilbert Bonilla in 1985, you feelin' me? "Peep" the following offense report 85-18660 and see where somebody tampered with the report. Street don't "woo-woo-woo".  Amor!

R.I.P. Gilbert Bonilla

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Team Pabey

Street Patrol

Team Pabey

Jorge Valdez II

George Pabey was Mayor of East Chicago, and Angelo Machuca Jr was Chief of East Chicago Police Department. Rich Medina, the councilman, was Assistant Chief of Police when Jorge Valdez (E.C. Cop) got in 'hot water"


Like in the last update, someone "dropped a dime" to East Chicago  Tip Line: Jorge Valdez was working narcotics at ECPD was "allegedly doing lines of coke with some female". ECPD brass had all of narcotic squad subjected to a drug test. Jorge Valdez refused to take the drug test and resigned from ECPD and shown the back door." Bochinche" was that he was"." bringing heat" to "Team Pabey".

The Police Side of It

Under a "different regime", Jorge Valdez would've been "worked"... Find out if he was just a "party boy" who liked to "ponder his nose". Or was he "slanging" and who was supplying him the cocaine? But Team Pabey let him "skate" and just let him resign. This was the "shady part" of ECPD.

Back Story

Sources allege that Jorge Valdez, former East Chicago cop, had been written up and faced disciplinary actions two or three times. But since he was part of "the suicide 9". Group of ECPD cops that were led by Machuca, Medina, Nava, Valdez, Pitts, Kakot, and Harretos, etc. etc. Group that was "anti" Pastrick and Pro Pabey.

The Vibe

This update Jorge Valdez II led  to a email about a current Lake County Official who also refused to take a drug test and resigned from a job in the private sector.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Street Patrol


"Highest position of fiscal oversight of Lake County Government finances". This is how reporter described Lake County council seat currently held bu Elsie Franklin... "took a shot" at Carol Anne Seaton, but Queen Bee "states".

Oversight for your "behind"

the Lake County Democratic Central Committee save $14,000 dollars to Gary Democratic Precinct Organization (Elsie Franklin is Chairperson). We can't find the $14,000 dollars in campaign finance reports?

Side Bar

Tom McDermott, Jr. is supporting Elsie Franklin and said so in the newspaper. Is this The Times don't print the story on Elsie Franklin's fiscal oversight?

(Peggy Katona can get "stung" on this alleged deal)