Thursday, February 27, 2014

If fin to heat up in Gary

 Street Patrol
"It's "fin" to heat up in Gary"
Minding my own business like Street do, somebody "flew me a kite". The power of the "internet" is amazing. So think you internet. These photos show 2 employees of Calumet Township Trustee Office dropping off stuff at Mary Elgin's campaign Headquarters. "On the clock" on a Tuesday about 11:30AM. Plus the other photo that shows her son, Steven Hunter, a township worker on the clock Friday about 1:30PM?
WLTH 1370
Let Wowacki, "white dude" from Miller talk about photos on blog.
New Photos:

Photo A
Source alleges that guy walking away carrying stuff is Ed Harris, head of maintenance at "Township Trustee" who works for Mary Elgin Tuesday 11:30Am, you feel me?

Photo B
Campaign Headquarters Re-elect Mary Elgin as Calumet Township Trustee. That's where Ed Harris is heading for. 

Photo C

Steven Hunter wearing "work gloves" last Friday at 1:30PM at Mary Elgin Campaign Headquarters. He too was on the clock".