Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Street Patrol

FBI in G.I.

Multi-Purpose Center


            The way it was put for me was it was “the old oke doke”.  Government Unit (calumet Township Trustee) has some construction work done, It's been almost 2 years since the Multi-Purpose Center had some construction company (Mohamed Construction) so some work there.  This would coincide with Mary Elgin having some construction work done at home she owns on Buchanan in Gary. Take a look at the house and you see what I'm selling!!!

Street Continues

            The hustle was to do say $100,000 dollars worth of work at Multi-Purpose Center. $158.000 dollars is billed to the Trustee office.  The $58,000 dollars is to allegedly pay for work done on Buchanan house that Mary Elgin owns, you feel me?

            That's why the Feds was over at Multi-Purpose Center on 4-14-14.  They sniffing around to see if aforementioned narrative is on point.  The F.B.I. Talked to workers at the multi-purpose center, was work done simultaneously at both Multi-Purpose Center and house on Buchanan??  This according to confidential source, cuz F.B.I. Were there for about an hour talking. (what the Feds can't tell you) “nothing like a well placed leak to move somebody off point”

            If Street was a betting man, owner of Mohamed Construction might start getting that “hot foot” like my buddy “Big Low” say.

Speaking of hot.

            Look for the audit on “Festival of the Lakes” start to warm up Hammond.  Bobby Lendi has “cash machine” scattered through out Hammond.  Source says they were all over “Festival of the Lakes”.  City Controller and sits on “2 boards”