Thursday, July 3, 2014

Otra Ves

Street Patrol

Otra Ves? Again?


     Was talking to a source who is better than a check, feel me? He's telling me that someone from Calumet Township Trustees Office had to go talk to FBI in Merrillville. When the said person arrived to FBI Office that this person recognized a FBI agent. 
     "Didn't I see you before?" Person asked.
     "Yeah, I was taking pictures of you buying furniture," the agent responded.
     My money says furniture was to decorate newly remodeled home on Buchanan Street owned by Mary Elgin.


     This house that was remodeled by Mohamed Construction is part of FBI's case against Mary Elgin, Calumet Township Trustee.


11:31 am Street got a phone call that FBI was back at "The Multi-Purpose Center", talking to Lamar Taylor source alleges.

Flash Back

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