Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bochinche and Bomberos

Street Patrol
Bochinche with Bomberos

     There is some Bochinche out there about a possible arson case on Hump Street (Glidden Factory). Source alleges that A.T.F. might be "niffing around" in Hammond.

Side Bar:
     Source close to the story said that Hammond Detective seemed more concerned with shelving inside the warehouse than actual fire.
Street Patrol
Pat Moore, Jr.
     Remember some "Bochinche" out  of Hammond about Pat Moore, Jr. allegedly "double dipping" (Working one job as a fireman "on paper but working another job in Hobart). Sitting Hammond City Councilman had the name of the company and address. Both were all set to expose Pat Moore, Jr,! But the other Hammond City Councilman "bailed out, and the pair just left it at that. That was wrap!
Anecdote A:
    On his activity sheet at the fire department, he put down that he was visiting a fireman who was in the hospital. When fireman was questioned about the claim, he said Pat Moore, Jr. never came to visit him.
Anecdote B:
     Source were talking about Hammond Fireman cheating on the top brass exam. Those were allegation that were floating around out there. Allege exams were given without a "Procter". send by the State Fire Marshall to make sure everything is on the "up and up". Pat Moore, Jr. allegedly was one of the fireman who cheated on the exam. Allegedly? That's why Street knows he's "plugged into" fire on Summer and Hump Street... bet you Pat Moore, Jr. knows what went down!!!
Daddy is "top man" with the Hammond Department, you feel me?

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Street Patrol

Under Construction

 Memo of Diane Bercki
(Inspector FD 194)
We Need
Dispatcher Report
Fire Inspector Report
R #5845


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Letting their hair down

Street Patrol

"Letting Their Hair Down"

         Source e-mailed this photo of Assistant Chief Jeff Long of Hammond P.D. Jeff Long is to the far right with “red wig”, looks like a Halloween party at Club Aquavor.
      “Politically connected cat” Ray Rapchak who sunk hundreds of thousands of dollars into this night club downtown Hammond.  Opening night some “party guy” go drunk at their “grand opening”.  This cat leaves Club Aquauor – if was a “Chicago night club” in Hammond, you feel me?  This cat was drunk and gets into a wreck, person dies and family is suing Club Aquavor in a lawsuit, turns out this “cat” who was drunk already had about 8 or 9 O.W.I.'s, you follow me?  Across the street is another building with tinted glass.  On the door is a florescent pink sign on the door, Latitude commercial real estate – Aaron McDermott, brother of Mayor Tom McDermott Jr., transfer of liquor license is gist of this fluorescent pink flyer on the window.
Keep your eye on the ball:

            Chief Doughty of Hammond P.D. And Assistant chief Jeff Long paid Lefty a visit at his place of business in East Chicago and this is Hammond P.D. (Chief and Assistant Chief of Police doing Mayor McDermott's “bidding”)  This was done under the pretext that Lefty had allegedly threatened Mayor and his wife and family.
           But Lefty told them, "I'm no way, shape or form did I threaten him or his wife.”
           This what Lefty said.  (Hammond crossing into East Chicago)  Que Onda? -what's up?  Now Lefty is banned from calling in on Mayor McDermottt's weekly Friday radio show.  Then Hammond P.D. “bogarts” one of Lefty's “County tows”.  Who called that shot, you feel me?

Friday, August 8, 2014

A Day out with Chief Mark Becker

Street Patrol
Jefe Mark Becker with Juan East Chicago Bus Transit

"Keeping it real"

Jefe Mark Becker gets a shoe shine.

Ain't Too Good For A Good Thing"
        Was waiting on Chief Mark Becker of E.C.P.D at Main and Broadway. It was about 11am and "the West Calumet was due 12:18am, you feel me? Chief Becker sat down on one of the new wrought iron benches in front of the bank. Enter stage door left  but some "street cat" with a red bag containing the following:
1. Show wax
2. Brush
3. Rags
       Street cat seeing a hustle, "Shoe shine, Chief?"
       Chief Becker looked at the "street cat" and "Street".
       My instinct was telling me to take over.  "Yeah, Chief, ain't too good for a good thing," Street tells "shoe shine cat".
       Chief Becker smiles, and so does the "shoe shine cat" along with other people sitting at bench right next to the scenario. Before you know it, Chief Becker is seated having his shoes shined right on Main and Broadway in "The Harbor".
         Street stood back and just savored the moment as the people there looking on.
Morale to this crossing of the paths
         Chief Becker talked with "Shoe shine cat", and we both learned something. "Where did you shine shoes at?" Chief Becker inquired.
         "Right over here by the courthouse," Shoe shine cat" motioned toward County Courthouse right behind us. "Judge Arredondo used to let me shine shoes inside there, but he's gone now." Shoe shine cat answered Chief Becker.
           "I thought he was still a judge?" Chief Becker interjected.
           Street explained to Chief Becker as we talked on Main and Broadway. Why can't "Shoe shine cat" return to County Courthouse on Main Street and shine shoes? Let him make an honest hustle!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Gilbert Bonilla Homocide revisted

Street Patrol

Gilbert Bonilla's Homicide

10.31.85 was when he was killed, and 10.31.14 will be his anniversary Glad Pabey is getting out of prison soon. New evidence will be revealed on 10.31.14

Gilbert Bonilla and Family Members

Bet you, "Richie Reyes", knows all about Gilbert Bonilla's homicide!!!