Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Street Patrol
"Letter to Editor"

            The word on the street is that E.C.P.D. Will soon be adding a “K-9” on the force, this was well received by E.C. Cops who said three “K-9's” are needed.  On “K-9” for every shift at E.C.P.D. Is what the “grunts” at E.C.P.D. Want.  It was interesting listening to a young EC. Patrolman used “the term”. “We need tools” to do our job”  Translation, we need 3 “K-9” dogs for E.C.P.D.!!!!
“The Carpenter”
            But what came to mind was the fact our Mayor Copeland is a carpenter by trade, you feel me?  So you know he knows the value of tools of the trade.  “Give the police the tools, this is what stayed with me” young cops told me.  One thing for show, Mayor Copeland reads the paper and listens to the radio, He knows the “cops” out there got it “rough” my brother.. “they need the tools”.
Creating new jobs:
            K-9 officer who will reside in East Chicago (quick response).  K-9 officer will get take home vehicle.
The Next Phase:
            This the part that intrigues me.  How will E.C.P.D. Determined who becomes or is chosen “K-9 Officer”?  This is my deal...