Sunday, December 21, 2014

They In The Gutter, Y'all

Street Patrol
"They In The Gutter, Y'all"
     Source has told me that Alex Wheeler had a tendency to "grope" female client who came to Calumet Trustee's Office looking for relief. Mr. Wheeler was employed at "Job search" for the Trustee Office at 6th and Connecticut where said groping is alleged to have happened. He also allegedly brought some of the female client a quarter pound. There was a female client who had somebody to contact "EEOC" after she was allegedly "groped" by Mr.. Wheeler. Before you know it, this woman was hired by Calumet Trustee's Office? Never followed through with complaint to the office of "EEOC"? Source further alleges Mr. Wheeler also had sex with a female client inside office at Trustee's office .
Lord Have Mercy