Saturday, January 10, 2015

Boarding on Defamation of Character

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Boarding on Defamation of Characters

       "After he was recorded stealing political signs belonging to County Councilman David Hamm after Hamm refuses to give him $1,500 dollars to put signs in Higgs' district." These are some pretty strong allegation by Michael Swiger of Hammond. Where's the evident? Street has spoken to a source who claims Councilman Anthony Higgs got permission to remove those signs. How do we prove Council Higgs tried to "shake down" County Councilman David Hamm for $1,500 dollars? 
      The Times printed this letter 1.7.2015 in their newspaper as if this was "gospel".

 My Beef

Street emails the following letter to the editor of "The Times". It's here that "The Times" asked for proof to sort of substantiate the allegations in my letter. Did Michal Swiger provide proof of his claims. Two sets of rules here or what?

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You'll see my proof two updated post below to the right hand side in the menu and narrative of Willie Pabey. Never sue me? (Cookie Jar)

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