Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Cookie Jar

Street Patrol
Cookie Jar at East Chicago Police station

Letter to the Editor

            The name Mary Morris Leonard has been coming up as a candidate for Mayor of East Chicago. It wasn’t too long ago that she formally announced her candidacy for Mayor of East Chicago. She also opened a headquarters on Chicago Avenue where “Post 508” used to rent the location for a long time. Mary Leonard has “a lot of miles on that Cadillac”, and maybe why she may have already “missed her bus”.

            But my main question is that when I look at Mary Leonard and right there is the face of former Mayor George Pabey of East Chicago. Mary Morris Leonard was always part of “Team Pabey” while there was “thievery” going on with the East Chicago Bail Bond Fund. The thievery involved Mayor Pabey’s cousin, Willie Pabey, stealing $6,000 dollars from the East Chicago Bail Bond Fund.

            And Chief of Police Angelo Machuca’s secretary stole $40, 000 dollars from same East Chicago Bail Bond Fund. Mary Morris Leonard was “M.I.A. as East Chicago City Clerk while this was transpiring in town. That snoring is the background is Mary Morris Leonard on those two cases. George Pabey is behind the scenes 2015 with Mary Morris Leonard. The intel is better than a government check. Happy New Year!