Monday, February 23, 2015

A Slap On the Wrist Files

Street Patrol

Slap On the Wrist Files

     The first story “The Times” did on Police Officer Leimbach case didn’t mention any of his “baggage” which didn’t sit well with me. However the following story that “The Times’ wrote. They broke it down like a shotgun and kudos to Sara Reese. But the most interest sidebar to me is Police Officer Arcides Santiago sitting in front row at a hearing involving Police Officer Leimbach of East Chicago Police Department. 
      It was Santiago in 2012 who was in front of the East Chicago Board of Public Safety on lewd conduct charges. He was allowed to keep his job as East Chicago Policeman. 
      And a lot of people knew Leimbach would also be allowed to keep his job. This especially after the alleged victim, who Mexican was, was taken away by (I.C.E.) Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent. Leimbach said that he drunk one or two shots and no more than seven beers in four hours at the bar. What happened to that standard line? I wasn’t drunk. I only had a couple of beers. Hammond cop hired Pabey.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Friday, February 13, 2015

Tortilla Factory and Hummers

Street Patrol

“The Tortilla Factory”

       Had a source who told me about the $30,000 dollars that Mayor Pabey got from allegedly “shaking down” “Mexican Twin”. They wanted the lot next to their tortilla factory on Chicago Avenue. This is what Street post on his blog…

This led to what a another source who used to be a East Chicago City Councilman who gave me a “ten-four” on $30,000 dollars that the guys from tortilla  factory had given then Mayor George Pabey. All they got was “chorizo”. The “Mexican Twins” just took “the hit” and moved to Hammond, Indiana.

            “Didn’t he say anything?” A Lawyer asked me.

            “Come on, abogado, you know why.” Street told him.

P.S. Rich Medina what “chorizo” means.

“The Hummer Gang”

   This source  had told me a scenario involving a couple of “Puerto Rican Guys” from Chicago. Bobby Febus allegedly was the emissary for the guys from Chicago who wanted to build housing in East Chicago. (Had a “plug” with federal government to obtain monies. etc.; etc. ) Source alleges and “bochinche” was out there that the Puerto Rican Guys from Chicago gave former Mayor George Pabey a $100,000 dollars. Never got a contract to build houses and lost the $100,000 dollars, you feel me? This source was “better than a government check”!

            “Why did you call them The Hummer Gang?” Street asked my source.

            “Because they all drove Hummer when they came to East Chicago one time,” Source tells me.

            The following narrative is from a Cop who also got “the chorizo” from Mayor George Pabey one time. So he spilled the beans to me.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Leimbach E C Poe-Poe

Street Patrol

I’m reading news story about East Chicago Poe-Poe pointing his gu inside a “local watering hole” in East Chicago, and it’s like 2am , you feel me? Anyway, in the story, “The Times” then mentioned “Mexican Cat” having a “jacket on him”… But Street knew “East Chicago Poe-Poe” also “had a jacket” on him when he was a Hammond Poe-Poe”… Come on “The Times”, let’s “stay on our toes” and give give your loyal readers the best you got… Gracia!!!


         “Bochinche” has it that this “East Chicago Poe-Poe in “hot water” right now paid former Mayor George Pabey 20 thousand dollars to be hired at East Chicago PD. “Wow!” Street muttered to himself.


          Remember when source told story about 2 Mexican Twins who owned a small tortilla factory on Chicago Avenue. They allegedly paid George Pabey 30 thousand dollars to acquire vacant lot next door…. They never got the land, and Pabey kept the 30 thousand dollars… Tortilla Factory is alive and well at beautiful location in Hammond.


“Ask Robert Garcia what bochinche means”

Friday, February 6, 2015

Verus Pabey

Street Patrol

P.S.   Leimback is foul ball hired by East Chicago Police Dept from Hammond Police Dept