Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Letter to The Editor

My Letter to the Editor

There are 3 reasons why Street can’t endorse Mary Leonard for Mayor of East Chicago in 2015. Mary Leonard was and is still with George Pabey who could be the worst cop in the history of Eat Chicago Police Department. As of this writing at the halfway house in Michigan City, Indiana, Mary Leonard has “a lot of miles” on that Cadillac and starting to “leak oil”. Don’t know if she can take East Chicago into the future. No disrespect, but using a “metaphor” to try and be clear. Mary Leonard in the Clerk Office is still working with a “chisel and a hammer” in 2015. Mary Leonard has not come out with her plan for vision of East Chicago. Where’s the beef? Underneath all her signs, mailers and the like lies an empty facade.

There are 3 reasons why Street endorses Anthony Copeland for Mayor of East Chicago. He inherited a city that was $15,000.000 “in the red”. It took some layoffs and consolidation of some the depts, etc; etc. Those take home cars for bosses were parked. The city of East Chicago is in the black now. An outsider helped East Chicago Police Department get squared away, and the citizens have taken to his leadership. Mayor Copeland took some hits by naming Chief Mark Becker our “top cop”, and he knew that he would. He has been able to pave street, improve city parks and demolished abandoned buildings. Now we need to see new building developed in East Chicago.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Guess Who

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Guess who was Chief of Police


In the newspaper account of story,  you don't see Chief George Pabey saying anything.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Violent in East Chcago commentary

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In the 3.10.15 Guest Commentary, Pay attention to violent in East Chicago. My focus was on the sender.  The commentary is “taking a swing” at Chief Mark Becker of East Chicago Police department, and I get that. You won’t find a bigger proponent of freedom of speech than yours truly mister. My concern and focus are more on Lieutenant Hagler’s “baggage”. Lieutenant Hagler was the “guy in charge” at the 3pm -11pm shift that Halloween night on 10.31.85. His name along with SGT George Pabey’s names appear on the offense report #8518660 This is the same offense report that Marc Chase wrote about on 10.23.14 about a possibly missing page from the police in the matter.
Yet, it passed Lieutenant Hagler’s “stink test”. In the early 1990’s, you had George Pabey retiring and becoming Chief of security at Showboat Riverboat Casino. He took Ernest Hagler with him to work security. When George Pabey became Mayor of East Chicago, there was Ernest Hagler as East Chicago Building Commissioner. This is why I read with interest “Pay attention to violent crimes in East Chicago”.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Another Slap on the Wrist

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Los Perritos haben los ojos en quincedias

Little Puppies open their eyes in fifteen days

It had been awhile now that rumors ran amok at East Chicago Police Department. “The Feds” were looking at E C Poe-Poe. And so far, there was nothing; no grand jury or nothing. Street knew “The Feds” are “slow bot show”. But it’s been three years now, you feel me? In the interim, Street was “peeping” story on Leimbach, East Chicago Poe-Poe, with a checkered past. People don’t react, they react. This is the world according to Streetwise. This new source was “reacting” to my letter and gave me some “fresh Intel”.  The weapons from East Chicago Police Department SWAT Team are gone. This new source is “dropping the bomb” right on my ass, and Street ate it up like a “ice cream cone” (3.3.15).

Side Bar For Yo Ass

It was former Mayor George Pabey, who “green-lighted” hiring of a cop who ran the East Chicago Police Department SWAT team!!! It was also Mayor George Pabey who “green-lighted” hiring Leimbach and Richie Reyes (I.G).

Another East Chicago city employee to face federal charges.

Macho (I.G.)

“He sold drug to East Chicago Cops,”  In federal court “Dog”!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Weaponry Gone

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Weaponry at East Chicago PD SWAT Team is gone?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Estot Con Chuy

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Estoy Con Chuy

Viva  Chuy

Jesus "Chuy" Garcia

Mayor of Chicago 2015