Sunday, March 8, 2015

Another Slap on the Wrist

Street Patrol 

Los Perritos haben los ojos en quincedias

Little Puppies open their eyes in fifteen days

It had been awhile now that rumors ran amok at East Chicago Police Department. “The Feds” were looking at E C Poe-Poe. And so far, there was nothing; no grand jury or nothing. Street knew “The Feds” are “slow bot show”. But it’s been three years now, you feel me? In the interim, Street was “peeping” story on Leimbach, East Chicago Poe-Poe, with a checkered past. People don’t react, they react. This is the world according to Streetwise. This new source was “reacting” to my letter and gave me some “fresh Intel”.  The weapons from East Chicago Police Department SWAT Team are gone. This new source is “dropping the bomb” right on my ass, and Street ate it up like a “ice cream cone” (3.3.15).

Side Bar For Yo Ass

It was former Mayor George Pabey, who “green-lighted” hiring of a cop who ran the East Chicago Police Department SWAT team!!! It was also Mayor George Pabey who “green-lighted” hiring Leimbach and Richie Reyes (I.G).

Another East Chicago city employee to face federal charges.

Macho (I.G.)

“He sold drug to East Chicago Cops,”  In federal court “Dog”!