Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cop for a Cop's Job


"Cop For A Cop's Job"


Patti Van Til is out as Public Information person.... Sheriff John Buncich's girl friend's son replaces Patti Van Til in the job.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Throw Back



"Pony Boy"


Monday, June 22, 2015

Mexican Cat Not In Background


“Mexican Cat No Longer in the Background”


   “Pat Rodriguez” is now center stage as “the recount” in 1st District of East Chicago is set for 6.23.15 10AM at Crown Point Government Center. The “word on the street” is that Pa Rodriguez was up by 55 votes or something like that going into last precinct in 1st District who’s “seen it all” said it was almost impossible to overcome a lead like that? Myrna Maldonado won by 4 votes, and now we have this recount for 1st District of East Chicago 5.5.15.

Lawyers for recount

Tim Senlak ------ Rodriguez

John Cantrell ----- Maldonado

P.S.: Maldonado is also Mexican, so people at Indiana Restaurant will be okay.

Back Story

   Myrna Maldonado allegedly made a deal to run in the 1st District to replace Adrian Santos who ran for East Chicago City Clerk and was 1st District incumbent Councilman. Myrna also gave up her seat as incumbent East Chicago-at-Large to run in the 1st District, you feel?

   Pat Rodriguez was at Lake County Election Board filing some kind of complaint, but now he’s “lazer been focused” since he “went into his pocket for a lawyer”. Now Pat Rodriguez is center stage along with Myrna Maldonado.

Down the Middle

   Critics say that Myrna Maldonado missed a lot of the East Chicago City Council meetings… Supported counters with Myrna Maldonado didn’t miss “the important ones”!

 “Might Be Come Fireworks”

   This guy tried to get me to come out and “cover” the “recount”. Food for thought.



"Do We Have A Plan B?"

This was one of former Mayor George Pabey’s “parting shots” as Mayor of East Chicago. 50 million dollars water filtration plant that doesn’t work according to standards. East Chicago and corporation who built the “state of the art” water filtration plant are in court right now as of this writing (6.22.15). The worry is that old water filtration plant is being held together by “duct tape” and “bubble gum” accord to legal. What if the old water filtration plant breaks down? Do we have a “Plan B” ready to go or will we be “boiling water” for months?

100 Million Dollars

   This is when the 50 million dollars municipal bond is finally paid along with interest etc.; etc. 100 million dollars water filtration plant that isn’t working?

Homeland Security

   This also involves providing fresh drinking water for your citizenry of East Chicago.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hush Money

Street Patrol

                           Alex Wheeler

Hush Money


   The first thing that to my mind was Alex Wheeler and the alleged groping scenario at Calumet Township Trustee Office… various sources alleged same stories that they heard. Alex Wheeler allegedly has a penchant for groping female clients at Calumet Township Trustee Office. Hastert is said to pay “hush money” to cover his improper behavior involving a high school wrestler.

Enter Stage Door Left ---- Mary Elgin

   “Damage control” consisted of the following actions that had to be “green-lighted” by former Calumet Township Trustee Mary Elgin

       A.  Transfer of G-work

   Workers who alleged saw groping incident was transferred to another department.

       B. Female client

She who was allegedly groped by Alex Wheeler was hired by Calumet Township Trustee Office. “Hush money” to me!

“I’m “Wit Ya” Coach!”


     No matter the outcome of this investigation. Street “wit ya” Coach Richards, you feel me? Street don’t change like the weather and not one of those “sometime bastards”… Street’s one of those “everyday cats” who knows that Coach Richards is “24 karat gold”…

   “Don’t want to be where they don’t want me.” This is what Coach Richards told me when Street, some football players from East Chicago Central and their parents were rallying around Coach Richards.  He was fired in a “East Chicago Situation”, for not picking somebody at Chicago Airport. The players loved him along with parents and E. C. Football fans, you feel me? Coach Richards wasn’t scared to go into the different “hoods” to get his “guys and try to get them straight.

The End Result

   Street had talked to member of the East Chicago about toying with to bring back Coach Richards. Put me on agenda for next school broad meeting.

   “I appreciate all what you’re trying to do for me, Street, really I do.” Coach Richards told me. Coach Richards made his point.

Morton Came Calling

   Coach Richards took over the football program at Morton High School in 2000… It took him years to build that football program, but Coach Richards was aggressive and really loved teaching the boys how to play a spread wide open board of high school football. It was some 6 years ago that Coach Richard was starting to “sing the blue”… Seems as through some of the Illinois Catholic Schools were recruiting or coming after his guys.

  “See there Coach, you never had this problems when you were losing ever year… collateral damage for being a winner,” Street told Coach Richards. He just signed and dug into his Italian skillet at “”Franky’s”.

Tom McDermott, Jr

Mexican FBI Agent “Peeping Tom”

   “Bochinche” out there is a Mexican FBI Agent is allegedly “peeping” Mayor Tom McDermott Jr. Source is better than a government check, you feel me? Wonder if he got a “Mexican Flag” at the crib.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Streetwise Archives - Grind Family


Streetwise Archives
 Grind Family

C Boy and Ric Jilla

 Street Cred

"No Live Hip Hop"


      McTavern's used to have a DJ who played "hip hop", and things started to change. It ended when a security guard was stabbed and killed. McTavern's is gone and replaced with a physical  therapy business. Crowd moved north to "De La Rosa" for some "hip hop". Violence was the culprit with "De La Rosa". Shut down for good. There is a pawnshop there now on "The Blvd " where "De La Rosa" stood.

"Aquavor" --- an upscale nightclub
       Caught a lawsuit on opening weekend, and some guy got "plastered" at the bar and drove his car that ended up killing somebody in a car wreck... this "Club Aquavor" never recovered from the dose of bad publicity and being sued which means that lawyer is involved. Ten thousand just to "start a file on", feel me? 

In the End

    Where could Ric Jilla and C Boy along with the Grind Family go and perform?

Joe Jackson (Michael's father) 

      Open a night club in Gary, Indiana, and they just had some drama in there.

Side Bar

Casey Nowinski's dad used to used to own "The McTavern's on Indy Blvd in Hammond. Casey took over. The parents moved to Florida.

Griffith Hammond High Beef 2015

      Griffith Chief of Police has passed on a video of the brawl between both basketball teams... wants Bernie Carter to file changers against basketball players in the brawl. This is "what time it is -- right now "playboy'. Can you really have a "venue" for the guys 30 years old? There is no place for "hip hop" around here.


Trying to keep it real "canine", not

Some "woo-woo-woo".


Pony Boy (under construction)

Ricardo "Streetwise" Moreno

"Boobie" and "Sin Bad"  ---- show time mister!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Key to the City


Key to the City of East Chicago

Bottom Line
E'twan Moore has given back to the city of East Chicago....ain't forgot where he came from, you" feel me"?