Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hush Money

Street Patrol

                           Alex Wheeler

Hush Money


   The first thing that to my mind was Alex Wheeler and the alleged groping scenario at Calumet Township Trustee Office… various sources alleged same stories that they heard. Alex Wheeler allegedly has a penchant for groping female clients at Calumet Township Trustee Office. Hastert is said to pay “hush money” to cover his improper behavior involving a high school wrestler.

Enter Stage Door Left ---- Mary Elgin

   “Damage control” consisted of the following actions that had to be “green-lighted” by former Calumet Township Trustee Mary Elgin

       A.  Transfer of G-work

   Workers who alleged saw groping incident was transferred to another department.

       B. Female client

She who was allegedly groped by Alex Wheeler was hired by Calumet Township Trustee Office. “Hush money” to me!

“I’m “Wit Ya” Coach!”


     No matter the outcome of this investigation. Street “wit ya” Coach Richards, you feel me? Street don’t change like the weather and not one of those “sometime bastards”… Street’s one of those “everyday cats” who knows that Coach Richards is “24 karat gold”…

   “Don’t want to be where they don’t want me.” This is what Coach Richards told me when Street, some football players from East Chicago Central and their parents were rallying around Coach Richards.  He was fired in a “East Chicago Situation”, for not picking somebody at Chicago Airport. The players loved him along with parents and E. C. Football fans, you feel me? Coach Richards wasn’t scared to go into the different “hoods” to get his “guys and try to get them straight.

The End Result

   Street had talked to member of the East Chicago about toying with to bring back Coach Richards. Put me on agenda for next school broad meeting.

   “I appreciate all what you’re trying to do for me, Street, really I do.” Coach Richards told me. Coach Richards made his point.

Morton Came Calling

   Coach Richards took over the football program at Morton High School in 2000… It took him years to build that football program, but Coach Richards was aggressive and really loved teaching the boys how to play a spread wide open board of high school football. It was some 6 years ago that Coach Richard was starting to “sing the blue”… Seems as through some of the Illinois Catholic Schools were recruiting or coming after his guys.

  “See there Coach, you never had this problems when you were losing ever year… collateral damage for being a winner,” Street told Coach Richards. He just signed and dug into his Italian skillet at “”Franky’s”.

Tom McDermott, Jr

Mexican FBI Agent “Peeping Tom”

   “Bochinche” out there is a Mexican FBI Agent is allegedly “peeping” Mayor Tom McDermott Jr. Source is better than a government check, you feel me? Wonder if he got a “Mexican Flag” at the crib.