Sunday, June 7, 2015

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C Boy and Ric Jilla

 Street Cred

"No Live Hip Hop"


      McTavern's used to have a DJ who played "hip hop", and things started to change. It ended when a security guard was stabbed and killed. McTavern's is gone and replaced with a physical  therapy business. Crowd moved north to "De La Rosa" for some "hip hop". Violence was the culprit with "De La Rosa". Shut down for good. There is a pawnshop there now on "The Blvd " where "De La Rosa" stood.

"Aquavor" --- an upscale nightclub
       Caught a lawsuit on opening weekend, and some guy got "plastered" at the bar and drove his car that ended up killing somebody in a car wreck... this "Club Aquavor" never recovered from the dose of bad publicity and being sued which means that lawyer is involved. Ten thousand just to "start a file on", feel me? 

In the End

    Where could Ric Jilla and C Boy along with the Grind Family go and perform?

Joe Jackson (Michael's father) 

      Open a night club in Gary, Indiana, and they just had some drama in there.

Side Bar

Casey Nowinski's dad used to used to own "The McTavern's on Indy Blvd in Hammond. Casey took over. The parents moved to Florida.

Griffith Hammond High Beef 2015

      Griffith Chief of Police has passed on a video of the brawl between both basketball teams... wants Bernie Carter to file changers against basketball players in the brawl. This is "what time it is -- right now "playboy'. Can you really have a "venue" for the guys 30 years old? There is no place for "hip hop" around here.


Trying to keep it real "canine", not

Some "woo-woo-woo".


Pony Boy (under construction)

Ricardo "Streetwise" Moreno

"Boobie" and "Sin Bad"  ---- show time mister!!!!