Monday, September 28, 2015

The Smoking Gun

Letter to the Editor

    The last time that I’ve seen Judge Rudy Lozano in federal court was during Bob Cantrell’s trail. This was like 7 years ago now, and Judge Rudy Lozano wasn’t “utilizing” an electric wheelchair like he is today. The “word in the street” was Cantrell and Judge Rudy Lozano “lockers right” next to each other at East Chicago Washington High School. The fix was in. But we all know how that movie ended.
The scenario fast forward to Soderquist’s federal court trail, and Judge Rudy Lozano wheels around in an electric wheelchair in the U.S. Federal Courthouse where he presided over Soderquist’s trail this past September 2015. Made a mental note since it was changed from the last time.
The comic relief was provided by a back and forth between Attorney Scott King and U.S. Attorney Phil Benson. Attorney King referenced Indiana Campaign Finance’s manual, and Phil Benson objected because he hadn’t seen the manual yet.
“I took that Evelyn Woods speed reading course, but can’t scan 40 pages bullet,” Benson quipped, and a laugh emerged from “yours truly”. And to the gist of my letter on this serious subject. It was clear to me that Judge Rudy Lozano was “nodding out”.  but not sleeping to which I make this one distinction. Couldn’t believe my eyes and slowly looked around to see if see anybody had seen what I had seen. The tall, statuesque, exotic female co-counsel of Attorney King kept me awake! Seems like people “played dumb” like, but not until this letter which was my duty in a certain kind of way.

Terry's RV 410 East Walnut Street Albany, Indiana

"Smoking Gun"

After this material appeared in The Times on 4.8.15, suddenly, there was a change. Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr. produced new receipts that was dated 4.9.15 for the year 2013 and 2014. Terry’s RV in question is actually from Frankfort, Illinois… Terry’s RV in Albany, Indiana has been for 10 years.

Meat and Potatoes
Documents show James Wieser got $2,500 Chairman McDermott, Jr. It makes it look like he’s not objective in Left’s case versus McDermott Jr.?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Monday, September 21, 2015

Bochinche on the Street

"Bochinche on the Street"

    Source alleges that this was behind WJOB hanging up on Lefty?

   P.S: P.R Frankie or Adrian Santos will tell you what "bochinche" means

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Buzz Cut

Viva Buzz Cut


    “Buzz Cut” was a “at” who had a blog, blue county in state red. He allegedly took a “few swings” at Mayor McDermott Jr on his blog… Mayor McDermott Jr “put the dogs on him”. Dave “Double Down” Westland sued him for McDermott Jr.  “Buzz Cut” was “shot down”, and his blog, blue county in state red, don’t exist anymore!!!

    Wonder if Marc Chase has any ink left over to write about “Buzz Cut”? WJOB don’t say nothing about Buzz Cut and blue county in a red state. But they both “toast bread” on Anthony Higgs, 3rd District Councilman in Hammond. “Quieter than a church mouse peeing on cotton”.

Them Boyz in Hammond

Hammond Police Station


A little bird told me that them Boyz with the three letters were over there on Thursdays.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Hush Your Mouth

Mayor McDermott Jr.

Hush Your Mouth


    Mayor McDermott Jr. was sued by Maria Becerra, the former head of Hammond Housing Authority... Becerra recorded a meeting with Mayor McDermott Jr. where threats were allegedly made as narrative escalated. Becerra had been fired and lost her job as head of Hammond Housing authority. But once Mayor McDermott got a chance to listen to the recording that he "caved in" to $150,000 dollars settlement was given to Maria Becerra during the settlement hearing. Naturally, the records of the settlement were sealed.

The Times Editorial 9.17,15

    Let the Public see the detail of the settlement, so they can know what they are paying.

Ophelia Steen Center


    2008, everybody and they grandma got water in their basement in East Hammond. Every White, Black and Hispanic who stepped up to the microphone and "put a foot in McDermott's behind... Mayor McDermott was just looking around with smoke coming out of his ears. He pissed in "his pants".
    McDermott Jr. to the crowd, "If you don't like the job that I'm doing, don't vote for me in November," he lamented. Street video taped the meeting for Channel 21 Public Access Cable in Hammond.

End Result

    The show was one of the most viewed shows that "Streetwise Live" had ever produced (Carlitos Way and Street). That following February there was no longer Public Access Cable in Hammond. McDermott Jr showed his "color" by putting an end to the First Amendment.
    Mayor McDermott Jr. attacks Hammond City Councilman Higgs, but he, himself, is a hypocrite!!! Councilman Higgs brought the house down, since he was the councilman in the 3rd District in Hammond. He was allowed to speak. Mayor McDermott saved him a cold stare before he spoke... Higgs looked out at all them folks inside Ophelia Steen Center.
    "I got water in my basement too," Higgs told the crowd who let out a humongous amount of applause. Mayor McDermott Jr was seething

Collateral Damage

    "Your time" show on Public Access TV was a 60 minutes show where citizen had 5 minutes to speak on any topic... Mayor McDermott Jr. suffocated Freedom of Speech, you feel me? 

McDermott Pedigree

    He was Republican who had dinner with Lake County Democratic Chairman Bob Stiglich one night and emerged a Democrat.


"Two Mexican fight back"

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dropping Dimes in Hammond

They "Dropping Dimes" in Hammond


    First of all let me thank God for creating man who then created the "world wide web". Now there is a outlet where we truly have the freedom of speech. This is "WJOB" where Dedelow got a brand new studio and "jamming" Led Zeppelin and "Free Bird" for "Dave the mailman". The Times and Marc Chase writing about Anthony Higg and "nailing him to the cross". Ditto for WJOB.

Post Tribune Mindset

    Send word to reporter about a "tip" and her answer was... Carole Napoleon handles that section... Oh, yeah, baby girl how about forwarding her a message via e-mail. Street thought to himself. No love here.
    You won't get a lot of stuff from "then on shit" that's been going on in Hammond for years, you feel me? And like Street has learned and previously mentioned, if you have been following me... when people have been "__________ over" by "King Kong", and they see that he's wounded... them "jaws loosen up", and they start "dropping dimes".

Street's Note

    The following are allegations by a concerned citizens out there... Street had heard about the allegation before, but this "cat" broke it down like a" shotgun".

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Seen This Move Before

    Remember in East Chicago that we had a Mayor who thought that he was "King Kong" and ruled from a "bully pulpit". Once the people discovered that he was wounded and had a "bad arm" or "bad leg" etc.; etc. They were no longer scared of "King Kong" and "those jaws" open up... You had people who were "laying in the woods" who were waiting to nail McDermott, Jr. or his "boyz", you feel me? Same people who used to trip over their feet to "shine his shoes" are now like the lion in "The Wizard of OZ".

They find their courage. And you know what ultimately to former Mayor George Pabey.


   Bet you a can of peanuts for a battleship  that McDermott Jr. for U.S. Senate... like a local lawyer who knows McDermott, Jr., told me that it's a "smoke screen" to divert attention from the guys with the "three letters" on his "behind"!

   When you're really serious about running for the U.S. Senate, you form a exploratory committee.... plus, maybe that sealed tape recording of Maria Bercemn,  who sued McDermott, Jr. and won, would have to be unsealed!!!