Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dropping Dimes in Hammond

They "Dropping Dimes" in Hammond


    First of all let me thank God for creating man who then created the "world wide web". Now there is a outlet where we truly have the freedom of speech. This is "WJOB" where Dedelow got a brand new studio and "jamming" Led Zeppelin and "Free Bird" for "Dave the mailman". The Times and Marc Chase writing about Anthony Higg and "nailing him to the cross". Ditto for WJOB.

Post Tribune Mindset

    Send word to reporter about a "tip" and her answer was... Carole Napoleon handles that section... Oh, yeah, baby girl how about forwarding her a message via e-mail. Street thought to himself. No love here.
    You won't get a lot of stuff from "then on shit" that's been going on in Hammond for years, you feel me? And like Street has learned and previously mentioned, if you have been following me... when people have been "__________ over" by "King Kong", and they see that he's wounded... them "jaws loosen up", and they start "dropping dimes".

Street's Note

    The following are allegations by a concerned citizens out there... Street had heard about the allegation before, but this "cat" broke it down like a" shotgun".