Friday, September 18, 2015

Hush Your Mouth

Mayor McDermott Jr.

Hush Your Mouth


    Mayor McDermott Jr. was sued by Maria Becerra, the former head of Hammond Housing Authority... Becerra recorded a meeting with Mayor McDermott Jr. where threats were allegedly made as narrative escalated. Becerra had been fired and lost her job as head of Hammond Housing authority. But once Mayor McDermott got a chance to listen to the recording that he "caved in" to $150,000 dollars settlement was given to Maria Becerra during the settlement hearing. Naturally, the records of the settlement were sealed.

The Times Editorial 9.17,15

    Let the Public see the detail of the settlement, so they can know what they are paying.

Ophelia Steen Center


    2008, everybody and they grandma got water in their basement in East Hammond. Every White, Black and Hispanic who stepped up to the microphone and "put a foot in McDermott's behind... Mayor McDermott was just looking around with smoke coming out of his ears. He pissed in "his pants".
    McDermott Jr. to the crowd, "If you don't like the job that I'm doing, don't vote for me in November," he lamented. Street video taped the meeting for Channel 21 Public Access Cable in Hammond.

End Result

    The show was one of the most viewed shows that "Streetwise Live" had ever produced (Carlitos Way and Street). That following February there was no longer Public Access Cable in Hammond. McDermott Jr showed his "color" by putting an end to the First Amendment.
    Mayor McDermott Jr. attacks Hammond City Councilman Higgs, but he, himself, is a hypocrite!!! Councilman Higgs brought the house down, since he was the councilman in the 3rd District in Hammond. He was allowed to speak. Mayor McDermott saved him a cold stare before he spoke... Higgs looked out at all them folks inside Ophelia Steen Center.
    "I got water in my basement too," Higgs told the crowd who let out a humongous amount of applause. Mayor McDermott Jr was seething

Collateral Damage

    "Your time" show on Public Access TV was a 60 minutes show where citizen had 5 minutes to speak on any topic... Mayor McDermott Jr. suffocated Freedom of Speech, you feel me? 

McDermott Pedigree

    He was Republican who had dinner with Lake County Democratic Chairman Bob Stiglich one night and emerged a Democrat.


"Two Mexican fight back"