Friday, October 30, 2015

All Lives Matter

All Lives Matter


When Street first met Angel Bonilla in 2002, it was very obvious that he spoke English with a thick accent. But that was fine because Street spoke Spanish…. Street remembered when Angel Bonilla started telling me the whole narrative when “Channel 7” wanted to talk to him. Angel Bonilla lamented his one opportunity to talk to press.
But since his English wasn’t “real good”. Angel Bonilla took a “rain check”, and the story ended right there. His daughter was recently married and living in Mexico with another son in “the Marine Corps” in North Carolina. Angel Bonilla just had his seventeen year son murdered by an East Chicago Cop on 10.31.85 on Halloween night. Maybe his English wasn’t too good, but Angel Bonilla wasn’t lacking for “backbone”, you feel me?
Right away, Street told him in Spanish. “Mira, senor, vamos nesitar un abogado.” (“Look, Mister, we’re gonna need a lawyer.”)
Angel Bonilla didn’t stutter. “Okay.”
And this was the first step in the search for the truth in Gilbert Bonilla homicide on 10.31.85



“Remember a Greek lawyer,” a big shot caller used to always tell me. “Just the facts, Ricardo.”

And that’s what my motive in looking for the truth in Gilbert Bonilla Homicide case #85-188660. One can see where there are section that have been “whited out”. And you have a page missing where the narrative is incomplete.

Guess What?

“Quantico” has a “process” that can retrieve whatever has been erased or whited out from a document!!!! Case #85-18660 is sitting over there in Quantico as of this writing.


R.I.P. Gilbert Bonilla

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Memo to Ferguson, Missouri


     The city of East Chicago spends about 70% of its budget on public safety. And yet we read in this newspaper about Kumstar purchasing twenty-nine “machine guns” from East Chicago Police Department. Mr. Kumstar was quoted from testimony that he gave in the U.S. Federal Court about “Gun Dealer” from “back East” who purchased some weaponry from “Kumstar”. 
     It’s almost an given that a lot of people know Kumstar, and how he already plead guilty to stealing and selling machine guns and assorted weaponry. My question (preguntar) is, how do you “quietly purchase” twenty-nine “machine guns” from East Chicago Police Department.
     This is a direct quote from Kumstar in The Times own newspaper, mister. This is what I want to ask Dave Capp, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Indiana. The key figure here is that 70% of the city budget for East Chicago goes toward public safety.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Real Hot In There

It may get real hot in there


    Source had told me that East Chicago Police Department had disbanded their S.W.A.T. team. Later, the "bochinche" got out that all weaponry from ECPD SWAT team was missing, you feel me? Then in"The Times" you read where Kumstar "dropped a bomb" in federal court. He quietly purchased twenty-nine machine guns from ECPD and weapons from Hammond Police Department.

Friday, October 16, 2015


 Robert "Coop" Battle

"I'm Just Saying"


     The first time Mr. Battle, Councilman in the 3rd District from East Chicago, came to my attention was the summer of 2013. Street just happened to be reading it in the Paper just like you did, you feel? Seems as though Mr Robert "Coop" Battle was "fitting to" open up a restaurant

      Then early part of 2015, there was Mr. Robert Battle in the newspaper again. This this the stuff read like a cable episode of "The Wire" in my backyard, you feel me?

"Buck Up" (Imperial Gangsters)

     Ritchie Reyes and Mr. Battle had their names to come up in Hammond Federal Courthouse by "Macho ", who testifying against "Ritchie Reyes. Macho tells us that Ritchie Reyes sent Mr. Battle to Macho to buy some drugs. Macho said that we couldn't getthe drug, but he arranged a deal with somebody in Chicago for Mr. Battle. 
     When Mr. Battle arrived with $72,000 dollars to "touchdown, and he got "jacked" for his" paper". Macho went on how "Ritchie Reyes" approached "Macho and $20,000 dollars for his share of "the lick". Thinking Macho was part of the "stick up crew" who "jacked" Battle. Wow!

Right Now (10.16.15)

     And then today you read where "Coop" has been charged with murdering a "Camarillo" plus facing charges of drug dealing. I'm just saying!!! Who's bullshitting who now? On 9.25.15 newspaper clipping, the Times stated that Battle had 40 grams of marijuana when he was stopped in Porter County. But they didn't mention $100,700 in his possession or that the actually had 73.grams of marijuana on him. "Bochinche" alleges that Battle was working for "The Fed", thus they "covered up" real charges

Monday, October 12, 2015

Who Was Minding The Store?

"Who Was Minding The Store?


     "Bochinche" had leaked out that all of thee weaponry from East Chicago Police Department SWAT was missing... This is on the heels of "Kumgstar" in Federal Court saying  where he quietly purchased twenty-nine machine guns from East Chicago Police Department. Also, we had East Chicago cop who stole $6,000 dollars from East Chicago Bail Bond Fund, and all he got was a "slap on the wrist". But then his cousin was former Mayor Pabey of East Chicago.


          Poe-Poe Arcides Santingo can tell you what "bochinche" means.

Friday, October 9, 2015

who's The Real Slim Shady


    Some of you may remember when two Lake County Sheriff Deputies were involved in an auto crash. One Deputy lost his life while the other Deputy survival the crash… Street attended a Lake County Sheriff Merit Board meeting to investigate the accident. At the meeting, it was Chief of Lake County Sheriff Police Marco Kuyacich, who represented Sheriff Dominguez. My question was why the Indiana State Police wasn’t called in to do the accident investigation report.

     “We have the best accident reconstruction in the area,” Chief Kuyacich told me.

But Street found out the best accident Reconstructionist wasn’t send out to investigate the traffic accident.

1.      Maybe, this guy was on vacation and not available?

2.      Could the guy be sick on sick? He wasn’t on vacation or on sick leave!

It Gets Better

     Then it was discovered that surviving Lake County Sheriff Deputy had lied on the accident report!!! Incoming Lake County John Buncich save this lying Lake County Sheriff Deputy 2 weeks off without pay.


     Kuyacich and Dominguez claimed that they didn’t know “jack” about Lake County cops selling guns…. Yet, former Chief of Police, and other high ranking cops didn’t buy this.

 “Sheriff and Chief of Police have “cop snitches” who tell them everything,” Sources told me.

     It was like four years ago that source very close to East Chicago Police Department told me that there was a “slap on the wrist file” over there. This was where paperwork on East Chicago cops who “screwed up” was put. Nothing was done to them if they were on the “right team”, you feel me?
     Street made an inquiry at East Chicago Police Department with Sgt Bork about offense report on Jasmine Equivel murder of teen years ago. Discovered that FBI came and took all the paperwork on this homicide.

      “Boyz with thee three letters” have allegedly been on this scenario at ECPD like a cheap suit!!!! What’s up?