Friday, October 16, 2015


 Robert "Coop" Battle

"I'm Just Saying"


     The first time Mr. Battle, Councilman in the 3rd District from East Chicago, came to my attention was the summer of 2013. Street just happened to be reading it in the Paper just like you did, you feel? Seems as though Mr Robert "Coop" Battle was "fitting to" open up a restaurant

      Then early part of 2015, there was Mr. Robert Battle in the newspaper again. This this the stuff read like a cable episode of "The Wire" in my backyard, you feel me?

"Buck Up" (Imperial Gangsters)

     Ritchie Reyes and Mr. Battle had their names to come up in Hammond Federal Courthouse by "Macho ", who testifying against "Ritchie Reyes. Macho tells us that Ritchie Reyes sent Mr. Battle to Macho to buy some drugs. Macho said that we couldn't getthe drug, but he arranged a deal with somebody in Chicago for Mr. Battle. 
     When Mr. Battle arrived with $72,000 dollars to "touchdown, and he got "jacked" for his" paper". Macho went on how "Ritchie Reyes" approached "Macho and $20,000 dollars for his share of "the lick". Thinking Macho was part of the "stick up crew" who "jacked" Battle. Wow!

Right Now (10.16.15)

     And then today you read where "Coop" has been charged with murdering a "Camarillo" plus facing charges of drug dealing. I'm just saying!!! Who's bullshitting who now? On 9.25.15 newspaper clipping, the Times stated that Battle had 40 grams of marijuana when he was stopped in Porter County. But they didn't mention $100,700 in his possession or that the actually had 73.grams of marijuana on him. "Bochinche" alleges that Battle was working for "The Fed", thus they "covered up" real charges