Monday, November 30, 2015

In The Background

Son incident in a local “watering hole”. Not the same trump card again... Come on now, dog… Liembach that tough he’s “gonna go to the wall”. Twice with the same trump card. Street argued with guy who told him what was up at East Chicago Police Department!!! “Wow,” Street muttered.

Arcides Santiago Baggage

 In the Background

Other source “burning my ear” about a East Chicago cop who was working with “the Feds”. This East Chicago allegedly impregnated a “C.I.” two times while they worked a cage together. First time, “C.I. allegedly went to Georgia for an abortion. The second time pregnant did produce a daughter who is alive and well today. FBI took evident to then Police Chief George Pabey of East Chief Police Department. Police Chief Pabey decided to let said East Chicago cop keep his job as East Chicago policeman. This same cop who impregnated “C.I.” was recently promoted at East Chicago Police Department, which left some East Chicago Poe-Poes and retired Poe-Poes kinda “salty”, you feel me?

People Don’t Act, They React

This “intel” only surfaced after posting of the stolen generator at East Chicago Police Department. Street talked to various “Poe-Poe” on this one about East Chicago cop who impregnated East Chicago woman who was working as a “C.I.” for East Chicago Police Department. “Who told you?” Source asked me. “You know Street can’t give up sources, bro,” Street told him.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Real Slim Shady

Under Construction

Who's the Real Slim Shady?

     A narrative that involved East Chicago cop and a female "C.I."  And guess who was the "Chief of Police"? East Chicago cop, who stolen the generator, people know all about this scenario, you feel me?

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Common Sense

Common Sense Ain’t Common… Not Everybody Got “Em


The Ball Game

To have an East Chicago Cop allegedly was driving around in his “rover” doing his “job”. He allegedly spot a house with the front open. Our East Chicago Cop goes inside the house, and he “eyeballs” a generator inside the house. The generator is chained to the wall, you feel me? East Chicago Cop gets back into his “rover” and takes off to return a sometimes later. This time around East Chicago Cop has a bolt cutter with him and proceeded to cut the chain. He exits the house with generator in tow.

The Common Sense Ain’t Common Part

Street had breakfast with the legendary James “Sonny” Peterson from the “Calumet Section” of East Chicago. “Sonny”, according to my contact, used to “breakfast” at truck stop on Burr Street exit on “94”. Street was able to meet him for breakfast one day, and it was “for the book”.
“Common Sense ain’t common… not everybody got ‘em,” Sonny told me as he paused for a cop coffee as we talked.
“Say that again, so Street won’t forget,” Street tried to be real with “Sonny”
“I said common sense ain’t common… not everybody got ‘em,” Sonny repeated himself.
“Wow,” Street talked aloud.

Back at the Ranch

East Chicago Cop takes the generator and puts it in hid rover and proceeds to East Chicago Parking Lot. Source alleged that East Chicago Cop then took the generator out of his rover, and after which he places the generator in personal vehicle. “In the cross-hair”, is how source close to the story described this particular East Chicago Cop’s predicament as of this writing.


There is a “political component” that involves former Mayor George Pabey of East Chicago and North Township Trustee Frank Mrvan. It’s obvious that the East Chicago cop didn’t have “common sense”. This was the “backstory” of this particular East Chicago that had made my ears like a good “canine”.

It Was On

And an East Chicago cop goes down “memory lane” with him at East Chicago Police Department and talked about an East Chicago Cop who got a “C.I.” pregnant, you feel me? Street knew what he was talking about, okay!