Friday, December 11, 2015

What's up East Chicago Poe-Poe

"Whattup @ East Chicago Poe-Poe"


Crown Point, Merrillville, Dyer, Griffith, Hobart and Munster are all “on board” which is a “positive move”, but here’s the deal… Heard that East Chicago SWAT team had disbanded at East Chicago Police Department. Source further mentioned that all the weaponry is missing, and you’ll find there is no “paper trail” on this one.

With that said, and dude, don’t we need to find out what’s going on at East Chicago Poe-Poe. (Note: Poe-Poe is used as a “rhythm sound” for me when Street starts to write--- recognize young people.) There is no disrespect meant to East Chicago Policeman what so ever, you feel me? Just a “communicator”, and that’s all.

The Times

Didn’t have any kind of report from “East Chicago Police Department” in regards to update… what’s up with East Chicago SWAT team weaponry? We gonna fish or at bait on this one. In “the Times” own newspaper, they quoted “Kumstar in the federal court”. He quietly brought 29 machine guns from East Chicago Police Department. This was “the bomb that Kumstar” dropped in federal court.

In one of his editorial, you had Doug Ross mentioning “F.O.I.A.” in his column, and Street “feels that”. But I’m from Missouri, you gotta show me. Remember this woman who would challenge things and always came back with her “best shot”. “Lil baby can talk now, okay”. You had to show her. Don’t want “The Times” to turn into a paper tiger.”

East Chicago Stat

70 percent of our city budget goes towards fire and safety in East Chicago… if we got some “slim shady” at East Chicago Poe-Poe then” set down”.