Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Return of King Kong

King Kong

The following story came from a reliable source who used to “roll with George Pabey… Both when George Pabey was Chief of Police and Mayor of East Chicago… Street was a “raconteur, and this “cat” knew it.

George Pabey Story

This source is telling me that East Chicago Poe-Poe, Liemback has roots going back to former Mayor George Pabey of east Chicago.

“Don’t jack me off,” Street chimed in.

“Now, hold on a minute, Street, let me talk,” my guy pulls a “check, check, baby on me, and it’s “all good”.

Liemback’s father and Frank Mrvan’s, North Township Trustee, father are supposedly very close friends, you got me? We go back to the time when Liemback was bounced from Hammond Police Department. My guy is starting to shoot his wad. Street is taking mental notes, knowing one day he’s gonna tell this story. In 2011, yeah, Liemback was bounced for pulling his gun on a superior officer. Street let him know that he was up on it.

“Lemme finish, Street,” my guy is mildly perturbed.

“Go ahead boss, let your nuts hang,” Street teed it up for him.

“Mayor Pabey did a favor for Frank Mrvan by hiring Liembach as East Chicago cop in 2009,” my guy tells me. “Then Frank Mrvan did Mayor Pabey a favor by hiring his daughter as his PR person at North Township Trustee Office.” My guy raised his hands up to signify a touchdown.

“Wow,” this is all that Street could respond…. “is that a story, or is that a story.”

“Bet you never heard that one before?” my guy snorted.


Street called up Frank Mrvan, North Township Trustee Office and L.M.T.C. Also left a message with Gilda Orange. No responses at all. This is why Street’s nickname for Mayor Pabey was King Kong, you feel me.

East Chicago Cop (Mrvan’s man)

It wasn’t too long ago that he got in “hot water” for pulling his gun on a customer in a bar at 2AM. The East Chicago cop had had four beers and two shots in him. He was given a “break” and allowed to keep his job. Now the same East Chicago cop, who just got out of “hot water”, is now back in “hot water” again. Allegation is now about the taking a generator from a private residence. “He’s in the cross hairs,” is how source described East Chicago cop.


Certain fraction at East Chicago Poe-Poe is supporting “Mrvan’s man not to be fired… Chief Becker is out the door soon is what sources claim. His “replacement” may face some personal attacks by the anti-faction, you feel me?

P.S.: King Kong also rehired East Chicago cop who was paid money to go away. This guy became head of the East Chicago Police Department SWAT team that the weaponry is now missing.