Friday, December 4, 2015

Red State Blue County

Red State, Blue County


Alleged East Chicago Cop Who Stole Generator

The back story of East Chicago cop was the part that really got this writer’s attention dealt with alleged “back room deal”. Source has said that North Township Trustee Frank Mrvan’s father and Hammond cop’s father were real good friends. The alleged deal between Mayor Pabey and North Township Trustee Mrvan was Lake County “in a nutshell”. East Chicago Police Department Chief of Police Angelo Machuca Jr would “pickup” fired Hammond cop at ECPD , and Frank Mrvan would hire Mayor George Pabey’s daughter at North Township Trustee Office. Sweet, huh?


Source further alleges that Mayor Pabey’s daughter was “calling off” from her job a North Township Trustee Office and was ultimately fired. East Chicago cop is still working as of this writing.

Another Back Story at East Chicago Police Department

Remember in federal court Lake County Sheriff Kumstar was convicted of selling machine guns and weaponry on the internet. These were illegal gained weapons, you feel me? He quietly brought twenty-nine machine guns from East Chicago Police Department. Kumstar under oath in Hammond Federal Court.
Then we learned that all the weaponry from East Chicago SWAT team is missing. “King Kong” and his “under boss” ordered Chief Machuca to re-hire an East Chicago cop who was fired from East Chicago Police Department. This was East Chicago cop who “hired in” to head the East Chicago Police Department SWAT team.

Snoring in the Background

The Times, Post-Tribune, and WJOB

Metaphor ---- East Chicago Police Department

It might start to get "real hot" in there.....