Monday, January 25, 2016

140th & Iyv Street

Mr. Angel Bonilla with a photo of Gilbert Bonilla
140th and Ivy Street where scenario unfolded

149th & Ivy Street

Page 1

#85-18660 Offense Report from Gilbert Bonilla homicide case on 10.31.85 has a page missing. You follow the narrative, it reads: I reached the intersection of Ivy Street and 140th … then it ends abruptly.

Page 2

“Medic 102 with EMT personnel, Capt. C. Gonzalez and etc.; etc.; etc.… No continuity and obvious a page is missing when my mind went directly to what Bill Nangle in his editorial. The question then likely will be? Can the record be found, or have they in traditional East Chicago fashion disappeared? The box where the question of condition of gun is has been whited out.