Sunday, January 31, 2016

Cop for Cops Job Looking Shady

Cop for Cop’s Job Looking Shady


Roosevelt Allen – R.I.P. Lake County Commissioner

“Caucus Elections” to replace an elected county official have always been held on Saturday at 10am at the Lake County Government Center. But now Chairman John Buncich of the Lake County Precinct organization wants to change that. Chairman Buncich wants to held on Wednesday at 6pm on 2.3.16. This is instead of Saturday at 10am 2.5.16 on Crown Point Government Center.

Word Out In The Street

A lot of Gary Democratic Precinct Committeeman have to work and catch the train to and from home at 6pm.Moving the Caucus Election to 2.3.16 Wednesday at 6pm. Make it real tough to make that day and time. Maybe, that is what JB wants. Chairman of the Gary Democratic Precinct Organization ain’t say boo!

Starting  to act like King Kong