Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cover-up Cousin

Cover-up Cousin

There was a crash involving two Lake County Sheriff Deputies, and it was rea early like 5am in the morning. The crash had one sheriff deputy to die in the crash while the other one survive. What jumped out at me was why Lake County Sheriff Department didn’t call the Indiana State Police to investigate the crash involving two Lake County Sheriff Duties? Street go on “his horse”, drove all the way to Crown Point and attended a Lake County Sheriff Merit Board Meeting. Chief Marco Kuyacich was “running the show” as Street looked up and heard members. There was John Buncich sitting up there along with Oscar Sanchez from Hammond and Al Salinas also from Hammond.
Once the public comment opened up, Street let Marco Kuyacich, Chief of Lake County Sheriff Police Department, have it. “Why wasn’t the Indiana State Police called in to investigate the crash?” Street probed.
“I’ll tell you why… it’s because the Lake County Sheriff Department has the best accident reconstructionist in the area,” Marco Kuyacich tells me.
And Streetwise had his answer, got back on his horse and drove back to East Chicago.

Guy in My Path

Met a guy who was real close to the case involving the two sheriff deputies. Street told him what Chief Marco Kuyacich said. That Lake County Sheriff Department has the best accident reconstructionist to investigate the crash.
Source tells me, “come on, bro!”
“Don’t jack me off,” Street tells him.
Source laughs as he engages Street. “I’ve seen the paperwork,” the guy went on.
“Ain’t this a bitch!” Street talks out loud. “Yeah, but, maybe, he was on sick leave or gone fishing.”
“He was on call, Street,” guy tells me.
“Wow!” This is all that Street could muster up.

Back Story

It was discovered that the surviving sheriff deputy had lied on the police report as to who was driving that car that morning.

Bet You One Thing

Had the Indiana State Police been called into investigate that total crash. The surviving sheriff deputy would have been given a “blood alcohol test”. He might have faced vehicular manslaughter charges.