Saturday, January 9, 2016

Gun Control at ECPD

Gun Control @ East Chicago Police Department


“The Indiana State Board of Accounts” came in and did an audit that really gave you an idea of “culture” and the “going ons” at the East Chicago Police Department when “King Kong” called the shots, you feel me? An East Chicago cop, who was in charge of gun permit at the East Chicago Police Department, was given himself loans with gun permit monies, you feel me?

I took East Chicago Cop Juan Lopez, who was in charge of “gun permit”, 491 days to deliver money collected for gun permits to the East Chicago City Controller Office. Charly Pacura knew that East Chicago cop was part of “Team Pabey” and didn’t say boo… you would probably say that Charly Pacura was an “enabler” in this narrative. East Chicago cop Lopez was never “called in on the rug” over this narrative. “King Kong’s Team” rolled like that.

Indiana State Board of Account Finding

Also said that Juan Lopez was giving out gun permit receipts without any dates on them… something like 13% of the 40 some receipts that were looked at didn’t have any documentation at all in order to do a audit.

Bottom Line

There was no checks and balances going on for gun permit registration at East Chicago Police Department.


Lastima --- Shame

This was one of the other East Chicago co, who pled guilty to “misdemeanor theft at the Harrah’s Casino along with another East Chicago (Pabey’s cousin). He was given a break and allowed to remain an East Chicago Cop and still “fucking around”.

“How many chances do they get, Street?” This “cat” would like to pull my chain in his own way.

You couple this with all the weaponry at East Chicago SWAT is missing, and you get the “culture. Plus, the East Chicago cop, who did “dirt” at Harrah’s Casino and with the gun permits, was just promoted not too long ago.

"King Kong is wounded"
Them jaws start to loosen up now