Saturday, January 2, 2016

Keeping It Real

Police Chief Mark Becker at the Salvation Army

Police Chief Mark Becker on the city

"Keeping It Real"

     Street suggested that Chief Becker, Chief of Police of East Chicago, ride the city bus to meet and greet. While we waited for the bus on Main and Broadway. Chief Becker had his shoes shined by a guy trying to"hustle"  a dollar. Street suggested that Chief Becker goes to Salvation Army for lunch. "Let's go," Chief Becker snapped. He "broke bread" with everybody and left a $20 dollars tip, you feel me?

Good luck Chief Becker


The Times recently did a story about a January 5, 2015 meeting with the East Chicago Police Department. The Times is sort of like what do you expect from your East Chicago Police Department. This is at best a quote from Chief Mark Becker. My question is why all the weaponry from East Chicago SWAT are missing? The word is out on “the street” that Chief Mark Becker is now moving on at the first of the year.
According to source close to the story, the last time Mayor Copeland went outside the ECPD to bring in Mark Becker. Whoever the new Chief of Police at ECPD is, just hope he addresses this issue of “missing weaponry from ECPD SWAT team. You want to bet the person who stole the weaponry from East Chicago Police Department is a member of the NRA. Also thank you and good luck to Chief Mark Becker of ECPD. Feliz Anio Nuevo.