Sunday, January 17, 2016

Memo to Carlos Tolliver

Memo to Carlos Tolliver


Source had informed me that Antuwan Clemons and you were on the radio, WLTH 1370AM. The top of discussion was “Solodeto Magic” expanding into the janitorial services business with Gary School System… Magic Johnson and Solodeto Magic, his food services business, already have a contract with the Gary School System to provide lunch program for the Gary School kids--- I get that.

Grey Area

Sources have told me that Mr. Campbell and Miss Rose are members of the Gary School Board. It’s alleged that they have family members working at Solodeto Magic, a Magic Johnson Company. Is there a conflict of interest here, since Campbell and Rose have a vote on whether “Solodeto Magic” received food services contract with Gary School City?

Street P.O.V

The following document should be the topic of discussion… President Antuwan Clemons should address this on WLTH 1370 AM with Carlos Tolliver.
“If you gonna tell it,”  the voice said, “tell it all”


Marion Williams is owner of WLTH and Gary School Board member… Source told me to mention this.

More Grey Area

Rosie Washington, member of the School Board, has a daughter who worked for Illinois Central Bus Company. Antuwan Clemons’ mother works as a dispatcher for the same bus company, who has a million-dollar contract with the School System.


“I got the Gary School Board in my back pocket,” Jamal Washington allegedly boosted in public.
Jamal Washington had a radio with WLTH and allegedly paid for his show with “Illinois Central Bus Company’s monies?


Jamal Washington started out as an entry level position with at Illinois Central Bus Company and then skyrocketed to the top of the heap.

The Turkey Giveaway

Illinois Central Bus Company provided $10,000 for Jamal Washington for this. But Jamal Washington and Mary Elgin kept Calumet Township Trustee Board members “out of the loop”.