Friday, January 15, 2016

Why They Call Me Street Wise

Why They Call Me Street Wise


In the photo that you just looked at below, make sure you “peep” Marc Chase of “the Times… Street got a “heads up” that the FBI was paying Mary Elgin a visit, you feel me? Street showed Marc Chase some love and gave him a heads up (I share bro). That’s Marc Chase taking photo for his story when FBI paid Mary Elgin, Calumet Township Trustee, a visit.


This is the back story that involves a Mr. Alex Wheeler, coordinator of “job search” program at Calumet Township Trustee Office. Source alleges that Alex Wheeler had the propensity to grope female clients getting relief at the Trustee Office… on occasion, Alex Wheeler would slip out and purchase a “quarter pound” for some of the female clients This one particular woman, who was allegedly groped by Alex Wheeler, told another Trustee’s employee what allegedly took place. Female client was told to contract E.E.O.C., which she did. But then before you could say “boo”, this female client, who allegedly was grope by Alex Wheeler, was given a job at Calumet a job Calumet Township Trustee Office? Never to be heard from again.

Hush Money

In this instance, it came in the form of a job if you asked me.

For the Record

In interviewing people about accusations of Alex Wheeler “groping women, not one person said to me. “That is a bunch of bull etc.; etc.; etc.;” Nobody had problems believing allegation that involved Alex Wheeler allegedly groping money.
“Alex Wheeler is a hound dog, Street… Everybody know that,” another person tell as we talked…
It was becoming evident that a lot of people knew about Alex Wheeler.

Tell You What

People in the following photos knew all about Alex Wheeler and quarter pounds… Kim Robison might know.

They in the Gutter, Y’all!

P.S.”: This is who Jamal Washington was rolling with.


Jamal Washington's Guy

Antuwan Clemons
Gary School Board President