Monday, February 15, 2016

Juda Gonna Do what O.J. Should Have done

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Juda Gonna Do What O.J. Should Have Done


In the interview with Mr. Rey Camarillo, Sr., he mentioned that East Chicago Council Attorney said if the other East Chicago City Councilman voted to remove Robert Battle from the 3rd District Councilman seat that they could face a lawsuit… And this is certainly a motivating factor in their reluctance to vote to remove East Chicago 3rd District Councilman Robert Battle from the Common Council.
But in Council-At-Large Juda Parks’ case, Street sees “the real shit” that Juda Parks gonna sit his “behind down”, because he dodged a bullet and struck a deal with the FBI, you feel me? Juda part of that lawsuit trying to keep both of his “j.o.b.s”, and that’s what he’s on.


Some East Chicago Poe-Poe was “rollin’ wit Coop”? They were talking about all them “dirty draws” coming out now.