Friday, February 5, 2016

What's the What?

3 Bones on Sunday


Like everyone else read in “The Times” was how they were changing the “lay out of the paper”; etc., etc. And there were some changed at the Ivory Towers” in Munster. Did the “lay out” change include don’t put the price of the “paper” on the front page anymore. Like this coming from a “cat” who used to be a “paper boy”, you feel me? 3 bones on Sundays for The Times.

P.S. $3.00 is 2 gallon of gas in East Chicago and every place else.

My Baby Beef with Coop

“I can’t prove if Councilman Robert Battle gave money to various groups,” he alleges. The law that allows “Coop” to be paid while he’s in jail wasn’t written or sponsored by “Coop”. “All that he does is sit up there and doesn’t nothing, Street,” Source would tell me. But the property where “Blaskovich car dealership” stood was purchased by a group that want to establish a church here. Source close to” The Cross” alleges that Coop was the only East Chicago Council member who voted no against their request to re-zone the building. Otherwise, it was destined to remain vacant and target for people to break the windows at the location and create an eye sore for East Chicago.



Remember a source who had a personal beef with one of “Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr.’s people dropped a bomb on me. Alleged that was like 6 years ago that there was a $100,000 Super Bowl Football pool coming out of Hammond City Hall. It was $1,000 dollars a square, and the winner takes all tax free. Woman who is a department head was allegedly running the football pool.
The “killing part” was thee $100,000 dollars was kept at Hammond Police Department for safe keeping. Wonder if that “pool” is still going on and did Mayor McDermott, Jr. buy a $1,000 dollar Super Bowl Football pool.

Bottom Line

“Cat” was pissed because the Feds didn’t do jack!!!

Official like a Referee’s whistle

Chief Becker has already packed up his stuff… He’ll be resigning in 2 weeks.