Thursday, February 25, 2016

Who Minding the Store

Shady Poe-Poe @ ECPD


Not too long ago, we posted a story on a “white cat” on the East Chicago Police Department who had some “baggage,
1.     Pull his service revolver on a Superior Office while being a member of Hammond Police Department who “launched him”.
2.     Then comes “the bomb”. Allegation from a source that North Township Trustee made a deal with former Mayor George Pabey of East Chicago. Allegation that Mayor Pabey would instruct Rich Medina, EC city councilman, and Chief Machuca to hire “white cat” as an East Chicago policeman. Further the source alleges that Mayor Pabey’s daughter was hired as a PR person for the North Township Trustee’s office, you feel me?
3.     “White Cat” while driving thru the Southside in his roller spotted an open door, went inside the house for a look and saw the “generator” chained to the wall. White cat leaves and returns with a bolt cutter. This source is bringing me up to date what’s up at ECPD.
    “Wait, then he cut the chain and took that “bad boy?” Street laughs as he starts to work the source.
    “Yes, sir, put the generator in his patrol car and drove back to the police station and put the generator in his personal car,” Source is breaking it down like a shotgun.
      “Ain’t this a bitch,” Street spoke out loud.
4.     Almost forgot the case of “white cat” at 2am with 4 shots and 2 beers in him, pulls his service revolver weapon on some “Mexican cat”. The ECPD Poe-Poe claimed that he thought “Mexican cat” was coming to rob the tavern. When the Mexican cat was looking for a six pack, him and his buddy were juicing… white cat was almost “launched” over this case but was allowed to keep his job. Then he screws up again allegedly stealing a generator.


Street has learned in East Chicago just got his medicine that “white cat” at ECPD who allegedly stole the generator from the house on “South Side” in East Chicago just got his medicine.
“Two days off work without pay,” this is what my source said, snoring in the background.
“The Times, The Post Tribune and WJOB.
Allegedly North Township Trustee’s father and white cat’s father are not close friends.