Sunday, April 17, 2016

Gestapo Tactics

          Gestapo Tactics


Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr of Hammond had a “big beef” with “Lefty’s” Jan’s Towing in Roxana. It’s way beyond personal now. And Street started to “sniff around” like a good canine. When lefty first told me the narrative involving Hammond Detectives, Chief and Assistant Chief of Police. “Wow,” the word came from out of my mouth…. This is from a “cat” who doesn’t use the word, wow, too often, you feel me? In “clandestine manner”, they kept tabs on Lefty like clockwork. This is the ultimate violation of civil rights.  Chief Doughty and Assistant Chief of Police Long paid Lefty a visit at his place of business. And it was a straight forward attempt to intimidate Lefty. Only thing is that Lefty doesn’t have a scared bone in his body!!! Gestapo Tactics!!!


Remember Lefty’s business is in East Chicago. So what was Hammond Poe-Poe doing in East Chicago.  Any paperwork on this narrative at Hammond Poe-Poe? It happened on a Good Friend.