Monday, May 2, 2016

And Choose to Ignore 30 Stacks

“And Chose to Ignore 30 Stacks”

When “The Times” didn’t move on material that mentioned 30 stacks and tall timber it was over. “What’s tall timber?” Some woman who was running for State Representative asked me. 
Tall Timber

1.     Dean White --- Billionaire
2.     Former Governor Mitch Daniels --- currently President of Purdue University
3.     Joe Allegretti --- Lawyer for City of Hammond and East Chicago, you feel me
4.     Former Mayor Tom McDermott, Sr of Hammond, Indiana

Lean Forward for This One

In a meeting with “The Times” Representative, the evitable came to fruition and something that Street had forgotten… Like a couple of months ago. Marc Chase had written a 4 or 5-part series on Dean White and Super Pac. White gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to support Republican candidates on the state and national level.
“Marc Chase already wrote about that”. This particular tells me the evitable. That’s War and Peace.”
“The 5-part series in the paper that Marc Chase wrote didn’t have these 30 stacks.” Street barked.
This was like six weeks ago, and the story never was printed about the 30 stacks and the pardon for Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr’s son.




Executive Orders

Indiana Register, Volume 29, Number 9, June 1, 2006

Executive Orders


WHEREAS, AARON MCDERMOTT, who has petitioned for a pardon, was convicted in 1997 in Monroe County for Maintaining a Common Nuisance, a Class A Misdemeanor (Possession of Marijuana), for which Monroe County Circuit Court sentenced him to one and a half years, time suspended, with two years probation and community service;

WHEREAS, the petitioner, who was 19 years old and a freshman at Indiana University at the time of the offense, is now 28 years old, successfully graduated from college, and is pursuing a successful career in real estate;

WHEREAS, the petitioner has received numerous letters of support from family and friends, all of whom recommend that his petition for pardon be granted;

WHEREAS, the petitioner over the last years has been active in volunteering with his community and various youth organizations and has continued to live a law-abiding and healthy life; and

WHEREAS, the Parole Board, after careful investigation and examination of all the facts in this case, has recommended that this pardon be granted.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr., Governor of the State of Indiana, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of said State, do hereby issue a pardon to AARON MCDERMOTT.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I, Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr., have hereunto set my hand and caused to be
                    affixed the Great Seal of the State of Indiana on this 3rd day of May, 2006.

Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr.
Governor of Indiana

ATTEST: Todd Rokita
Secretary of State