Sunday, May 22, 2016

I'm With Copeland

I’m With Copeland


Street has been with Copeland from day one, you feel me? The first time he ran for election and the second time he ran for re-election for Mayor of East Chicago. His mantra as a reform candidate was “music to my ears” for many East Chicago residents who voted for him. There is a scuttlebutt that Monsi Corsbie and Foster ward are no long working for the city of East Chicago. Hope that Mayor Copeland “step up to the plate” and addresses these issues. Todovia estoy con Copeland --- I’m still with Copeland.

Throwing Palmateer Under the Bus


Mayor McDermott, Jr. dedicated “a drinking gong” by George Thorougood and the Destroyers on his Friday morning show (Cheap shot). But it’s come to my attention that Kris Kantar is or was a magistrate in Lake Station city court… “that’s why they transferred Palmateer over there,” Source alleges. (Hmmmm?)

Tell Him to Shove that Apology Up His You Know What


Lefty called up WJOB wanting to talk about Feds “making a house call” on Knickerbocker. Dedelow who is “quick on the trigger” to run interference for Mayor McDermott, Jr. cut Lefty off and wouldn’t let him talk. It was apparent that Dedelow thought that Lefty was gonna talk about Mayor McDermott.

Lefty want to talk about scenario at Bishop Noll, my brother. Dedelow apologize to Lefty twice, but so what! “Granola Bob” had the “stones” to call Dedelow “on the carpet” over this which was a breath of fresh air.