Thursday, June 30, 2016

Prejudice or Poitics

Prejudice or Politics

    Mayor McDermott, Jr. "put a foot" in Juanita Woods's behind to give a white boy a job.

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Friendly

The Friendly


The back story is what always make my “ears perk up” … Case involving Code Enforcement “city of Hammond versus “Mexican Guy” born here, you feel me.  Matt Saliga once ran for Mayor of Hammond against Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr. as a Republican. Now he appeared to work for Code Enforcement with the city of Hammond.

Bochinche in East Hammond

Matt Saliga had a “spot” created for him Code Enforcement for the city of Hammond. There was a “black woman” who had this job before Matt Saliga. Black woman was given a “lateral move to work as a secretary… All this was to accommodate Matt Saliga. Black woman can be another friendly.


Matt Saliga’s name appears in the local newspaper in Jose Andrade’s story vs Code Enforcement for the city of Hammond.

What Got Me Sniffing Around?

Source alleges that Matt Saliga quit his job at Code Enforcement in Hammond. Source further alleges that Matt Saliga has moved to Tennessee. Source said that he heard Saliga talking about Code enforcement in Hammond, trying to make him the fall guy on this one. Matt Saliga can be what the 3 letter boyz call a friendly.

“Estoy Con Jose”
“I’m with Jose