Monday, June 13, 2016

Dave the Mailman

Dave the Mailman


Source told me page from Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr. campaign finance report. Four hundred odd dollars appears in the form of a

Wedding gift to Daryl Woerpel. Dave the Mailman’s son got “400 bones for his wedding from Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr. Dave Mailman is also the Chairman of Hammond Democratic Precinct organization, you feel me?

Street and Mailman Used to

Street always stuck to his promise of not wanting Dave the Mailman to get caught up in any of Tom McDermott’s digressions etc.; etc.
“Them Three Letter Boyz peeping him,” Street told Dave the Mailman.

Flashback (5 or 6 years ago)

There was a paper that Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr. went through a period where he mentioned The FBI a lot on the radio (WJOB). Talked about how he knew that the FBI was listening to his radio show, etc.; etc.
“Your boy, better let them Big Dogs of the Feds lay down asleep… why gonna kick ‘em in the head?” Street did his thing. And he did it over the telephone.
“I know it, Street, but he doesn’t listen nobody,” Mailman starts telling me.
“What about Kevin Smith, don’t have the Mayor’s ear?” Street probed
“All Kevin Smith cares about is seeing how much money he can make.” Mailman really shot his wad. Street was the fly on the wall.

Mailman Quote

The FBI ever come to my house. I’m running out the back door and running down the street!