Thursday, June 9, 2016

Dedicate to You Know Who

This Update Is Dedicated to You Know Who

It must have been like last Fall 2015 that Street was talking to a gentleman about sports like we always did… But before you know it my guy changed the subject and got serious…. Source started to complain about some shady dealing with the Munster School Board.
“Street, you need to look into the Munster School Board,” Source didn’t stutter when he talked.
“Well, I’ll only go where people point me to, my brother,” Street told him. “And nobody from Munster ever pulled my coat before until you,” Street went on. You could see the frustration on his face as we talked. “Well, I’ll tell you what… I’ll call up my guy Charley Pride in Indy and see what’s up,” Street promises this guy. Charley Pride is not the Country Singer but my contact at Indiana Board of Accounts.

Charley Pride

 He said that it’s been awhile since Munster has been audited… Some months passed, and Street called again to see where we were at.
“We’ll be in there soon,” Charley Pride told me. Street called again, and now there was progress. “They’re in there right now, Streetwise,” he said to me.
More time passed, and Street remain diligent on this matter.

The Money

“They’re done, but the audit hasn’t been posted yet,” Charley Pride told him
Today is 6.9.16. Munster school Board has a story on the front page news in newspapers  in Northwest Indiana.