Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Chinks in the Armor

Chinks In the Armor

Our last update produced some “intel” that pointed at “shady business” at Hammond City Hall. Source referenced Sharon Daniels, HR Boss, at Hammond City Hall running a $100,000 dollars Super Bowl Pool ($1,000 dollars a square). Winner take all that was tax free. Juanita Woods’s brother was the “bag man” for the Super Bowl pool”! $100,000 was kept at Hammond Police Station for safekeeping. Allegation that were given to the Feds years ago, but nothing ever happened? Source was pissed to say least.


Where’s Chief Doughty and Assistant Chief Long on cop female at Hammond Police Department who was “let go” because her live-in-boyfriend was selling drugs. Allegation from a source who is “better than a government check”.