Sunday, August 28, 2016




This is the kind of text Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr. sent to “Lefty” a couple of days ago. This is after Lefty filed two more complaints with the Lake County Election Board vs Tom McDermott, Jr. campaign Finance issues that Lefty was raising with the election board. Once again, “The Times” gave Lefty some more “pub” on this latest complaint. But it was also “a double edge sword” in that some article mentioned Lefty doing four years in Federal prison, etc.; etc.

The mere fact that McDermott, Jr would take the time to acknowledge Lefty seems out of Character. And then “go in the gutter” with G.F.Y to Lefty is beyond me…. The fact remains that Tom McDermott, Jr. has let his “beef” with Lefty get way too personal. Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr has bully instincts and has encountered somebody who’s gotten under His skin.

And Lefty pushes back, and McDermott, Jr. hates that… You see, Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr. thinks that he’s King Kong like George Pabey in East Chicago did act one time.

Bottom Line

“Don’t always agree What Lefty has to say… but agree with his right to say it.”

Good Friday

Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr. of Hammond sent Police Chief Doughty and Assistant Police Chief Long to try and intimidate Lefty at his shop… these are Gestapo tactic to me, mister. Tom McDermott, Jr. can G.F.Y! Put the dogs on “someone” on Good Friday. You, Notre Dame graduate, speaks volumes about McDermott, Jr.


“Three letter boyz” laugh at Lefty ripping McDermott, Jr. on WJOB.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

In the Gutter

In The Gutter


The 3 letter boyz raided Mary Elgin’s office at Connecticut and 6th Ave and Multi-Purpose Center. That is Marc Chase talking photo at Connecticut and 6th Ave. Street shares. But the back story is that Alex Wheeler who was in charge of job search used to “grope” female clients. He was known to step out buy some female clients a Quarter Pound. One particular female client was told to contact E.E.O.C.  and file a complaint against Alex Wheeler. Female client who was grope by Alex Wheeler did just that… and before you know it, the female client who was grope was soon hired at Calumet Township Trustee Office.


Mary Elgin has her house for sale now as she awaits federal trial this month

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ethically Disturbing and Duped

Ethically Disturbing and Duped

Ethically Disturbing and Duped


Chase kept digging. He finally found a way to get photos from Lake County Coroner’s autopsy. This was not true and was what really burned my backside… Go ahead and take your shot at my reporting but don’t sit there and concoct a lie from your desk. Street gave Marc Chase the photos from Lake County Coroner David Pastrick.
“You’re going to need a court order, Ricardo,” He told me.
“700 buck is what Saul “Cy” Ruman charged me and angel Bonilla for crime scene photos. We went through the process.

5 – Bones

That’s what Marc Chase paid at the old Walmart next to Food 4 Less in Hammond. He had the photos converted into a CD ROM.

The Real Ball Buster

Marc Chase probably read “op – Ed” piece about Street before it went to print… Why didn’t he call up or walk over and tell his boss that his “Op – Ed was flawed. They both looked the other way.
“News is what someone doesn’t want you to know… the rest is just advertising,” a famous quote.
“Where’s Cal Bellamy?” Bayh and Pastrick reference.
“Ethically disturbing and duped,” Marc Chase’s words 8.7.16 column