Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Bochinche


Sheriff Buncich’s new candidate is Chief of Lake County Police Department, Bob Morchek. Source told me like nine months ago that “Dowling”, former Chief of Schererville Police Department was his choice. Also look for Richard Ligon to take another run for Lake County Sheriff in 2017. Ditto for Roy Dominguez and Oscar Martinez are also eyeing Lake County Sheriff job in 2017. Mike Brown, the current Lake County Clerk, also is telling people that he’s looking for a job.

Back Story

Rumor has it that one-time Bob Morchek did a “ride along” with a report from the Post Tribune. Morchek according to source is alleged to have told him. “Come on, you want to have fun? Let’s go to Gary.” He allegedly told the report and Morchek had a “shit face grin” when he made this statement. Gary’s people were pissed.

New Bad Partners?

Former Lake County Sheriff Roy Dominguez and Tom McDermott, Jr are now in bed together.


Remember Dominguez trounced Buncich when there was another Dominguez “put in the race”! Name game and Buncich got “spanked”.