Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Why I Call Him King Kong

Why I Call Him King Kong”

Central Characters

Frank Mrvan I --- Hammond State Representative
Frank Mrvan II --- North Township Trustee
Mayor George Pabey of East Chicago
Maria Lisette Pabey --- Daughter of Mayor George Pabey
Tim Liembach --- East Chicago Cop
Angelo Machuca --- Chief of East Chicago Police Department
Rich Medina --- Assistant Chief of East Chicago Police Department


Source alleges that Frank Mrvan II’s father, State Representative Frank Mrvan I, and Tim Liembach’s dad were really good friends. Elder Liembach is retired Hammond cop whose son had just been “bounced” from Hammond Police Department after Tim Liembach pulled “a gun on a superior”. Mayor George Pabey would get Liembach on at East Chicago Police Department, and Mrvan II would hire Lisette Pabey as the PR person for North Township Trustee Office… Guess, we can thank King Kong, Medina and Machuca for Tim Liembach whose has been “bad news” since “coming out the freaking gate.

Liembach’s Jacket

Stolen generator from a house on the south side of East Chicago. Liembach was allegedly on patrol and put the generator in his police vehicle, and he transferred it to his personal vehicle at ECPD parking lot. Allegations from East Chicago cops pulled his gun on a Mexican guy inside a tavern. Mexican guy claimed that he came in looking to buy some cold beer. Liembach pulled his gun on Mexican guy who he thought want to rob the tavern. This was after Liemback had five beers and two shots in his belly at the time.
Got into it with a black woman on Guthrie Street where Liembach slammed her to the ground. He came out okay but still teetering on a path to trouble or chaos. Did anybody say “Ferguson”?


Source was telling me about article the newspaper about Griffith wanting to secede from Calumet Township. Griffith feels that they are not getting the bang for their buck. Current Calumet Township Trustee Kim Robinson who replaced Mary Elgin plans to fight Griffith in court. The article mentions how Kim Robinson was working closely with North Township Trustee Frank Mrvan II, Highland. Mrvan has helped her and worked with Kim Robinson and Calumet Township Trustee Office. My source is beating me up for not writing more on the Pabey-Mrvan deal.