Thursday, October 27, 2016

No Probles with Ex-felon

Mrs. McDermott Has No Problems with Felons


Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr always tries to beat “Lefty” over the head with being an ex-felon…. But it seems as though when an ex-felon contributes money to his wife’s campaign fund. He’s got no problem with that, you feel me?

Clearing the Air

McDermott, Jr alleges Street threatened him @ Election Board with my gesture. First of all, Street doesn’t make threats. I make promises….  Sending cops (Chief Doughty and Assistant Chief Long of Hammond Police Department) to “Lefty’s shop” was heresy. Who does this on “Good Friday”? Gestapo tactic to me!!! Cut out the “B.S.”, Mayor McDermott, Jr.


Lefty’s girlfriend was home and saw cops approach the shop. She didn’t have to work that day because it was “Good Friday”.  

Thank you, birthday Girl.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Amereco, Inc. = John Blosky

Amereco, Inc. = John Blosky


This was on my radar screen because John Blosky was also a consultant for Hammond Redevelopment Commission and demolished old JC Penney Building on Hohman Ave. the newspaper talked about Hammond Redevelopment Commission was giving Dore & Associates Contracting, Inc. and Amereco, Inc. for $300,000.

Damage Control

Phil Tailon was said to have stated that they were going after Dore & Associates but only named Amereco, Inc. since they were involved in the project. Later, he allegedly said it was. Dore & Associates Contracting, Inc.  who brought Amereco, Inc. into the lawsuit. Phil Tailon changed his story.

What to consider is that “Oxbow” was on flat land… Perpetrators had to dig a hole to “cover up” demolition debris… Orchestrated narrative, you feel me? Literally, a cover up!


Phil Tailon is the “shot caller” at the Hammond Redevelopment Commission… “Double Down” is the lawyer for the Hammond Redevelopment Commission. Both are appointed by Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr and serve at his behest.

That Cadillac” team McDermott, Jr riding in is starting to leak oil, boss man.

Prize up in Here

First person who identifies the other guy sitting next to Kevin Smith. This is at the election Board hearing along with “Double Down”, our lawyers nickname. You win “breakfast for two at “DBA’s” Restaurant. Courtesy of Stacy Dixon-Winfield.


Kevin Smith won’t give me “gad shot” and does the something in my eye routine. Look closely, and you can see “Double Down” shinny forehead. He’s feelin’ lil warm, you feel me?