Friday, October 7, 2016

Running for North Township Advisory Board

Now He wants to Run for North Township Advisory Board


Here’s one of Mayor McDermott, Jr.’s Boy, who used the gaming funds from electioneering. Opinker spent $32,000 on dumpsters in his 5th District one week prior to the General Election in November 2011. The genius was where the dumpsters were draped with banner that were draped with banner promoting 5th District cleanup effort by Councilman Opinker.  Banner were the same color as Opinker’s yard and window signs.

Where Were the Dumpsters Placed?

There was no checks and balances with Opinker’s dumpsters. Source who lives in the 5th District said that it’s nice part of Hammond where those dumpsters ($32,000) aren’t needed, you feel me?

Visual Image

Dumpsters with banners promoting Opinker would greet voters on the way to the polls in the 5th District.


Streetwise was the one who got the “scoop” and gave it to The Times report…. Otherwise, it would have been swept under the rug.