Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Chinks in the Armour

David Hamm – Chinks in the Armour


Started to get some back stories pertaining to David Hamm. It seems if though David Hamm used to be a Hammond Poe-Poe before he became a fireman. Scenario allegedly involved booze, a gun and David Hamm inside Cassidy’s Disco in Hessville, you feel me? Another source alleges of Chief Hamm of Hammond Fire Department, “he was shady, you feel me?” Plus, who is Iris The Virus.

Bottom Line

Hamm might find himself on Hohman Avenue with tv news truck in the parking lot, you feel me?

Hat Trick

Tom Philpot --- Radio show on WJOB

Sheriff Buncich --- Radio show on WJOB

Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr. --- Radio show on WJOB


Scott Rakos, Chief Jeff Smith, and Michael Opinker might be complicit and collateral damage for being part of Tom McDermott, Jr.