Saturday, November 19, 2016

It's On Like Donkey Kong

                                                       Sheriff John Buncich

                                                                Mike Repay

It’s on Like Donkey Kong


People are already starting to position themselves for run as Lake County Democratic Chairman, you feel me? One of the first name to come up is that of Lake County Commissioner Mike Repay to replace Lake County Sheriff John Buncich.

“Una Pregunta”

“One Question”


Want to see Lake County Commissioner address this issue of franchise fee of $50.00 for towing charges with the Lake County Sheriff office. Especially in the midst of towing contract investigation by “3 letter Boyz”. See you at the next Lake County Commissioners meeting.

Ricardo “Streetwise” Moreno

P.S. Verlie Suggs can bite off me and use it as reference point for her stint on WJOB.