Thursday, December 8, 2016

3 Letter Boyz On His Behind

“3 Letter Boyz on His Behind”

This caller called up WJOB one time and complained about Lefty maybe having “obsession” with Marissa McDermott by questioning her campaign report. Lefty also encountered Marissa McDermott on the campaign trail. What the caller didn’t understand is the obsession is with Mayor Tom McDermott, Jr. (Catholic Boy who graduated from Notre Dame). He sent Chief Doughty and Assistant Chief Long to Lefty’s place of business on Good Friday to try to intimidate him. This ladies and gentlemen is obsession gone wrong and violation of Lefty’s civil rights. And how does Hammond Police Department have jurisdiction in East Chicago when no law was broken.

G.F.Y. (McDermott, Jr. Shook up)

Text Honorable Mayor McDermott, Jr. sent Lefty.

Heads Up

“Caveat Emptor” --- buyer beware. Anybody looking to run for Lake County Sheriff better not hitch their wagon to Tom McDermott, Jr. (He’s hot!).

Hammond Poe-Poe

Used to own a pizza place is “hot” too.


“How do you go from the “catering business” to demolition business?” quote referring to McDermott, Jr.’s ally.

You Need to Quit the Department

Mike Brown is talking about running for Lake County Sheriff.

Hat Trick

Philpot --- had talk show at WJOB

Buncich --- had talk show at WJOB

Mayor McDermott, Jr. --- talk show at WJOB

"George Pabey thought that he was King Kong"